Children's book for ages 8-12

Hamish and the Shadow Secret

When a child sees troubling images online, it’s important for them to be prepared to know how to respond. Hamish uncovers a world of wonder on tech devices, but he also encounters troubling, harmful images. Hamish and the Shadow Secret is an educational resource for engaging children in a safe and robust conversation about the harms of pornography. Written for children aged 8-12-years, Hamish and the Shadow Secret is a valuable inclusion in every home, school and counselling setting.

Children's book for ages 5-10

Milly's Message

Written with safe language for children aged 5–10 years, Milly’s Message is the perfect way to let young kids know that coming across unsafe images is not their fault and they can always seek help from a trusted adult when they see things that are not meant for kids eyes.

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Hamish and the Shadow Secret is one of those books that changes the way we think about the harms of pornography on children. Succinct, beautifully written, and compelling in its storytelling, Hamish is a book that every parent and caregiver should read to their kids as a way to build resilience to the toxic porn culture that has infiltrated the lives of kids across the world. The authors have given parents, and caregiver everywhere, a profound gift!

Dr. Gail DinesPresident & CEO, Culture Reframed

I can't recommend 'Hamish and the Shadow Secret' enough. I read this book with my daughter who is ten and my stepson who is nine – neither have seen pornography. The kids were able to relate really well to Hamish and the illustrations help bring the story to life. As we read about his journey, it helped all of us to be able to understand and name the emotions and physical sensations that children may experience when they are exposed to pornography at a young age, making it a perfect resource for 8 - 12 year old’s.

Zareen Sheikh-CopeFounder/Producer Hazardous Journey Productions

The rapid growth in internet use among children and young people has led to corresponding increases in public anxiety regarding potential risk. Without doubt, it is absolutely vital that children, from a young age, are taught personal safety and specific education around the online environment. Not for Kids! is a valuable tool that provides children from a young age with developmentally-appropriate messages around what they may be exposed to online and how to deal with that exposure, emotionally and practically - a welcomed resource that will allow parents, caregivers and professionals to broach the subject of online safety in a child-friendly way.

Carol RonkenDirector of Research and Policy Development, BRAVEHEARTS -

I love a rhyming children's book, and when great illustrations and an easy-to-read story combine to teach children about the yucky pictures they might see online and what to do if and when this happens - I'd say we're looking at a valuable resource for families and schools. Not for Kids! is a great educational tool for children and their trusted grown-ups.

Margie ButtrissFounder of HUSHeducation

We desperately need to educate children about private pictures and movies and what to do if they should come across them. It is not a case of if children see them, but when children see them. I think this delightful Not for Kids! book will help both parents and teachers have those uncomfortable conversations with their children and by doing that, children will know they can speak with trusted adults about what they saw. I highly recommend this marvellous tool with its support notes and discussion questions.

Holly-ann MartinManaging Director, Safe4Kids