April 18, 2020

A gift the world needs: Our Kids Online

Our Kids Online is a gift. A gift to parents—if they heed the warnings and act accordingly. A gift to the kids of parents who watch it—if more boundaries and protections are implemented, and open, honest conversations result. A gift to society—if it wakes us from the haze of denial…
Equipping Teens
April 6, 2020

Teens’ lived reality – the fallout from porn

  “When I sat down to talk with 16-year-old high school junior Sam about his exposure to pornography in public schools, the first word he used to describe it was “normal.” This statement is taken from an interview with a high school student in March this year. Pornography is part…
March 22, 2020

How to have the other ‘p’ talk without scaring our kids

Predators are everywhere online, but more prevalent on platforms that attract children such as games and social media. Unfortunately, we can be guaranteed they will be on the prowl for children alone on their devices during this unprecedented global pandemic. According to the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE),…
March 15, 2020

A regular story that never gets told

The following story has been shared with us by a follower. It’s a true story, but names and identifying details have been changed. The mum who has written this story has one goal: to help other parents understand exactly why keeping kids safe online is so important, and why we…
Equipping Kids
March 3, 2020

Getting started with the “p” talk

Countless parents are daunted by the thought of having conversations about sex or porn with their younger children, and it’s completely normal to be anxious about the “p” word if you are starting from scratch. Unfortunately with the proliferation of online porn, kids are showing other kids hardcore violent porn…
September 26, 2019

Age Verification for Pornogaphy

Age verification for pornography access is a child-protection measure rather than an attempt to spoil anyone’s fun or stop sexual exploration. The authors of this post, The Reward Foundation, say that quite simply porn is not for kids—we wholeheartedly agree. There is a wide range of research evidence both causal…
Equipping Kids
August 26, 2019

Positive sexuality messages

Robust sexuality education for kids is essential. A phrase used by Porn Resilient Kids frequently is: “eight is too late”. The reality is, if you haven’t spoken to your child about sex by the age of eight, their peers or internet porn will likely be educating them on your behalf.…